How to Take Care of your Creaky

Knitted items are very delicated.

Here are some advices to follow when washing your CreaKy.

First, fill up a sink with cold clear water and a drop of very gentle soap. Too much soap or raw/regular soap will damage your item.

Then plunge your item in the water and gently massage it for a couple for minutes.

Drain the sink and fill it up again with clean water, make sure the temperature remain the same. Repeat this process untill the water runs clear.

Drain off  the water by gently massaging the knit, do not spin or wring it.

Then place your CreaKy on a clean towel, make sure it is in shape and roll it. Just like a burrito! That will drain off the rest of the water.

It is now time to lay it flat, away from heaters and away from the sunlight.